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Who is who

Using Blockchain Ltd is a company limited by shares, established in London in June 2020. Originally founded by Grégory Saive - member of the NEMTech PMC focussing mainly on Symbol from NEM where he lead the development of Client Apps (Desktop Wallet, Explorer, Faucet, CLI & Docs) as the Head of Development of the NEM.io Foundation starting in 2019 to 2021.

The team at Using Blockchain Ltd is composed of Bitcoin and blockchain pioneers that focus most of their time on open source projects and open standards. Reach out to us to find out more about our team!

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Paypal https://paypal.me/usingblockchainltd
Patreon https://patreon.com/usingblockchainltd
Github https://github.com/sponsors/UsingBlockchain

Our work

As a team at Using Blockchain Ltd, we have contributed to the many open standard definitions published by @eVias over the past years, including but not limited to NIP-13 for defining Security Tokens with Symbol from NEM, NIP-6 for using Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets with Symbol from NEM and lately NIP-16 which focusses on providing a smooth Components experience when working with Symbol from NEM.

We put our focus on qualitative and innovative development skills and our headline is that open source is a beautiful way to collaborate. Many of our software packages are available at Github. That is because we believe in an open access to innovation.

Our latest products include:

Why would you sponsor us?

At Using Blockchain Ltd, we publish a lot of resources in the public domain. This is because we believe in an open access to knowledge and information and in open and friendly collaborations.

By sponsoring us, you will make sure to keep informed about our contributions in the blockchain industry and about our latest authoring activities. You will also get private access to drafts of our latest authoring activities!!

We aim to architect solutions that are worthy of the digital era and would love you to support us in doing so!!!

What will YOU get ?

All sponsors from the $5/month level and up will get access to monthly exclusive content, which you can digitally download and view as I post. At least once per month, you will receive one of the following: